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What are the symptoms of periodontal disease?

In its early stages, one can have periodontal disease without being aware of it. This is why it is very necessary for people to get regular dental checkups and evaluations so that a trained professional in the field of dentistry can identify if the individual has periodontal disease. As periodontal disease progresses and the periodontal infection gets worse, an individual will be able to recognize that he or she has periodontal disease by the following signs and symptoms:

* The chronic presence of bad breath and gingivitis
* Red, irritated, and swollen gums
* Gums bleeding after brushing (a toothbrush may appear reddish or pink after brushing)
* Sore and achy gums
* Itchy gums
* Gum recession (individual’s teeth will have a longer appearance than usual)
* Pain and irritation upon flossing
* Increasing gaps forming between the teeth
* Tooth loosening and tooth loss
* Improperly fitting dentures or appliances
* Minor to significant changes in one’s jaw-line or bite
* Difficulty eating and chewing
* Tooth sensitivity

Any of the above symptoms, either singularly or combined, is an indication that an individual should seek out a professional. The signs listed above are indicative of periodontal infection which requires treatment in order to restore one’s oral health. One should contact a general dentist as soon as possible to schedule an evaluation and to develop a plan of treatment.

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