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Periodontics (Gums)

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Current scientific evidence points to genetics as the number one risk factor for periodontal disease.


Patients in Dr. Orlando's practice receive a complete and thorough examination to determine if any damage has occurred. Their genetic risk is assessed so they can understand if this is likely to be a health problem in the future.

The patient's dental health is monitored by measuring their "periodontal pockets" every year. These numbers, together with radiographs and tissue appearance, are then carefully interpreted. Based upon these findings, up-to-date solutions are recommended. This is how Dr. Orlando assures that patients will keep their teeth for their lifetime.

Possible solutions for prevention and treatment of periodontal disease administered in our office are:

  • Regular diagnosis and cleanings.
  • Thorough removal of disease-causing deposits above and below the gum, by sections.
  • Placement of localized antibiotic therapy to treat only the infected areas.
  • Antimicrobial oral irrigation.
  • Patient-centered motivation techniques.
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