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If I am a coffee drinker how do I prevent my teeth from getting stained/discolerd?

Any kind of colored food/drink (coffee, red wine, dark tea, blueberries, etc.) will definitely stain your teeth. Unfortunately, there is no escaping this simple fact. Now that being said, there are few things you can do to delay the staining process:

  • Try to practice moderation when consuming colored food/drinks, try not to eat/sip all day;
  • If possible, choose a cold instead of hot drinks (iced coffee, tea vs. hot)... teeth get stained much faster in hot environment as compared to cold;
  • Try to drink through a straw (avoid the fronts of your teeth)
  • After finishing your drink/food immediately rinse your mouth with water and try to chew sugarless gum with xylitol – Spry/Trident (this will increase salivary flow and reduce the amount of coloring substance left in between your teeth, which get the most of the stain)
  • Lastly, visit your dentist for your regular cleanings preferably every 4-6 months depending how fast your teeth get stained.

If the stain becomes intrinsic, a tooth whitening procedure is the only way to reverse the staining. I recommend an in office whitening followed by custom trays for take home use. Follow this advice for the next 6 months and you will hear people complimenting on your smile again!


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