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A New Approach To Protecting Teeth and Smiles: The Modern Night Guards

As a Dentist in New York City, I see MANY patients with worn, damaged, chipped and broken teeth, jaw joint disorders and muscle discomfort.  In the general population, it has been stated that anywhere from 8 – 30% of people clench or grind their teeth.  However, if you are a Type A personality, under stress, sleep-deprived, or smoke; it is more likely you will actually clench or grind.  Most people are not aware of it, but it can cause damage to your teeth, recession of your gums, and pain in your jaw muscles and joints (TMJ).


Honestly, most people have no idea that they clench or grind their ...

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Cavities Are Contagious!

Dental caries, commonly known as tooth decay, is the single most common chronic childhood disease. In fact, it is an infectious disease, new research demonstrates. Mothers with cavities can transmit caries-producing oral bacteria to their babies when they clean pacifiers by sticking them in their own mouths or by sharing spoons. Parents should make their own oral health care a priority in order to help their children stay healthy.  Read More from research from the University of Louisville...

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How Does Diet Affect Oral Health?


Tips for Improving Diet and Oral Health

How Does Diet Affect Oral Health?

Tooth decay and cavities are caused by acid that is produced by oral bacteria and food deposits on or in between your teeth.  Certain foods – sugary, starchy, and sticky snacks – are linked to higher levels of such acid causing bacteria.

What Foods are Good for Oral Health?

·      Protect and Make up Bone and Enamel

o   Calcium-Rich Foods: beans, greens, milk, yogurt, and cheese.

o   Research has shown that dairy products not only provide calcium, but also help reduce your risk of cavities

·      Helps Absorb Calcium

o   Vitamin D: milk, eggs, ...

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